From an IT Coordinator to a Technical Lead in the click of a button!

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In today’s competitive market scenario, finding the right man for the job is a catastrophe. While the company is busy chunking loads of money into the hiring process, the perfect candidate is usually misguided into working at a minimum wage with no job satisfaction and under serving working environment.

Enter, Jobket, a job portal with a promise to deliver the right job to the right candidate while ensuring utmost exposure and job satisfaction to the candidate and 100% work efficiency to the employer. Jobket encourages employees to refer loyal and resourceful candidates and offers both- the referrer and the referee- cash rewards in return.

One of our latest hires is Mr. Juned Patel. Previously working as an IT Coordinator, Juned has recently joined HCL as a Technical Lead. After excelling in every aspect, Jobket has successfully helped him achieve his potential at his new work place.

    Where are you currently working and how do you like the experience?

I am currently employed as the Technical Lead at HCL. Even though it has only been a month, my experience till now has been enchanting. The projects that I am being exposed to have helped me gain a better perspective and build upon my skill as a software engineer.

  • What is the difference between your last job and your new job?

My last job required a very limited set of skills. The working conditions were very robotic and I felt like I couldn’t live up to my potential. At HCL, I can diversify my portfolio while challenging my every decision to make a better one. There is a new found energy in me which drives me to give my best everyday.

  • Did you enjoy using the Jobket platform?

I loved using the Jobket platform. From helping me find my right fit to guiding me through the entire process, Jobket took a hold of the entire situation. They have been extremely helpful and I cannot thank them enough.

  • How did you get to know about us?

I got to know about the platform through a friend who further referred me as a candidate for the job.

  • Conceptualize your experience with Jobket in a few words

In a few words, the website is easy to understand, the process is highly transparent so that I can keep a track of my every move plus I received a fat check as a reward for being selected for the new job. At first, I really thought that the entire process of getting paid for referring the job was a scam but it was surprising to find out that my friend Om Prakash ( also my referrer) did receive a total amount of INR 7000 as a cash reward.

  • Will you be recommending our services in the future?

I would be recommending it to all my friends who I to think deserve better than there current job profile.

Our goal is to provide you with absolute transparency and assurance to gain a monetary benefit out of either referring the job or accepting it. The platform hopes to redeem companies from hours of labor and huge costs that are invested in the hiring process. Also, it aims to simplify the referring process for the brightest candidates by making the tedious job search process rewarding.

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