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When it is very tough to crack Govt. jobs in today’s world, most of us prefer private engagements. Mostly, the entire population of professionals who pass out from some of the professional coursesis eager to get hired for the trending 9-6 cubicle in the corporate sector, may it be at any price. In the era of the cut-throat competition, not only you would think about your placement, but also wish a standard career ahead for your friends and close ones. Most of this population needs to be placed in the right jobs, right positionsas well as the right kind of organizations too!

Unique Job Referral Platform – Refer and Earn!

Jobket is very aptly known as the Apt Job Portal where with a keen eye the profile is matched to the job requirement to ensure a perfect match . You’re also groomed to face the companies with confidence based on your skills and knowledge. All you have to do is to register and upload your resume and start getting calls from your dream hire.

Every job seeker deserves the right to get the best in the industry and Jobket offers the opportunity to bring you to the same table with the recruiter and pave your path towards a very successful career. Jobket is an advanced job portal that creates opportunity for every job seeker to add stars to their career and also the same for their friends and family who are waiting for that right connect, that opportunity for growth.

Every time you refer a good and deserving candidate you not just  increase his/her chances to shape their career in the right path but also get rewarded for the referral. The only criteria we look for is ‘Quality hiring’. We promote your caliber as the key factor, while we offer you the platform to chase your dream-hire.

We value and respect your abilities and your wait for the right connect with their particular demands. Added to this, Jobket opens a wide arena of scope for related ones who deserve a right break-through in their career and get the best-suited jobs as per their qualities. To further make your job search an easy and fun activity  “job cat” is your wizard or guide in Jobket who is a friendly, witty as well as fast paced intelligent cat in your job search.

It assists in puzzle solving and eventually you land in to your perfect job opportunity. For those who are in the right profession, they can act as the best guide for their associates for their better future. So, why wait? Grab rewards as much as a consultant would when the recommendation results into hiring.

Refer a Friend and Get Monetary Rewards!

While searching a job for oneself, many a times, we come across numerous such jobs that do not meet our eligibility criteria or our preferences. If you have a friend suitable to the position, you may refer and earn points or even cash reward. The person referred by you gets recruited through our portal and your benefits get credited to you.

Jobket’s Chief Takeaways – Get a Job and Start Earning!

  • Pocket a dream job;it’s just a referral away: Your long awaited search for your ideal job ends with ‘Jobket’. The most updated AI enabled portal of Jobket is a hub of potential job seekers as well as recruiters from well-established organizations in every field.
  • Search thousands of job profiles posted by the smartest of recruiters: The most interesting thing about the portal is the advanced AI used. Also in addition each job you see on the portal is well verified to make sure what the candidate sees is the most authentic and the best.
  • The AI also helps the entire HR exercise by limiting the wastage of resources by the HR managers in checking authenticity of candidates.

Take Help of Jobket and Start Working in Startups to Make Money

Every now & then, there are tech startups being established in our country where innovative people are in high demand across various domains. There is a growing supply of young innovative minds willing to work with these startups at any cost. Your career journey becomes an exciting equation when you take a deep plunge into these startups. In this case, you should remember from the very beginning that money is not going to flow like river under any circumstance. This is because, in the beginning, the founders may be worried with the budget management, but the exact joy and pride in building a company from zero with full of enthusiasm and positive vibes. This will not only give you years of experience in bringing up a concern but also bring rewards for you in the long run with the growth of the company. Even in the world of startups,Jobket is always by your side to give you that long desired break of your lifetime.

Jobket – Your Jobs Basket with the Fruit of Money!

A career of your dreams is achieved in real terms with Jobket, which works sincerely through aligning your abilities with the demands of the employers in the respective fields. Another most interesting and effective tool in your journey of job search is ‘Job Cat.’ It offers smart assistance in job search through solving job related puzzles along with job pieces. The AI-enabled cat-mascot is a great value addition when most job seekers get puzzled in the midst of good or bad choices. You are always provided the best suitable job option and in vast numbers, from which, selection is always very easy and logical. Thus, Jobket is not only the key to find the right direction in the field of job search, but also for suitable matching  of each job opportunity to each deserving individual.

Employers Are Benefitted Too!

Jobket– A Portal Capable Of Doing AI Enabled Screening without Bias

At ‘Jobket,’ the AI enabled portal focuses mainly on the acquisition of quality candidates to the platform through AI-based screenings. This procedure is highly effective in attracting the best suitable professionals in the field.

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