, increase your pay and chart your unique career to become marketer?

How to grow at work, increase your pay and chart your unique career to become marketer?

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Read newspapers? Been through hundreds of articles? Visited many sites and blogs? Seen tons of films?

Thinking of a job that allows you to expand your horizons, channel your potential in the right direction and helps you connect with many people?

Well, marketing offers you exactly that.

And you’re satisfied that this is the perfect place for you. Marketing!

Getting into a field is nothing but a cakewalk but how do you make it huge? How do you up your A game and become a rockstar in marketing? Let’s see!

Here’s a sneak peek into the rulebook of how to nail your career to become a successful marketer.

Have you heard of something like hard skills and soft skills?

Let’s get into the details of how these skills can help you grade up your career as a marketer. Not only will they prove beneficial for your individual self but you can grow to become an invaluable asset for your company too.


Hard skills are essentially the skills that you acquire as part of your knowledge and abilities to perform a job.

Companies screen for hard skills like data-driven marketing, brand-building, strong writing and editing, campaign management while identifying the perfect fit for the job of a marketer.

As per LinkedIn, hard skills in marketing will be needed most by companies in 2018 onwards.

And guess what? This need has increased with time and will only continue to rise.

Wondering if you really need such skills to grow? Let’s find out!

Yes, you do!! Every company emphasizes on investing money, time and efforts on those employees who add value to their organization on the whole.

So, why wait?


Social media is in vogue and with its increasing popularity; it will never go out of fad. It is no longer the “Next Big Thing” because it is already in spotlight.

Right from increased recognition and loyalty to decreased costs of marketing, what is that social media can’t offer you?

Start working on some brilliant social media challenges and hashtags. While you make your online position strong, the chances are absolutely brilliant that audience and users start following you or start getting influenced by you.

Isn’t this what any company looks for? Someone whom audiences already know!!


It’s going viral! Isn’t this exactly what you want to hear?

This is just the marketing strategy that is evergreen and cannot be replaced by anything. If you master this, you will just be the man the HR manager of the big company needs or perhaps every company needs.


The #1 trending video on YouTube!

The top 10 videos on Billboard..

The most watched video on Twitter..

Ever heard these phrases? I’m sure you have.

Everything is expanding and so are the video markets.

Let’s get to know the secrets of making a video marketing strategy super successful.

Brainstorm on your ideas with your team.

Don’t market your product, market your story. Make your videos such that that they revolve around the story, and not the sale.

Always have “Behind the scenes” or “Flashback in 10 seconds” in your videos to contain humor. This is what gives you an edge in the Video Markets!!

A good marketing is about selling the product but great marketing is about educating the customers. This is what the companies look for in candidates to fill in their Video Market Jobs i.e. you narrate it to connect with the audience.

Generate curiosity and exuberance among the viewers by making them aware of things.

Hone your video making skills to make a career in video marketing.

Video market jobs are seeing a huge up rise and they are not going to get exhausted anytime soon due to their versatile nature.

So, get up and make a career in video marketing in this age of video markets!!


Let your content market for you.

Keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the world to link it your product. Also, writing skills are a must!

Keep reading books, articles and blogs to understand and develop new writing styles. Keep a tap on latest trends and hot topics.

Write a beautiful combination of what is evergreen and what is trendy.

Create content that everyone will be talking about.

Go on a UNICORN marketing strategy! Being an expert in what you do is integral for making companies chase you rather you chasing them.

Doesn’t it sound a lot superficial? Let’s see how you can master these skills!

  • A degree in marketing from a reputed college will definitely give you a big start
    • Learn data analysis
    • Ace your content writing strategy
    • Have an experience in Content Management System (CMS)
    • Become an expert in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce, Oracle, etc.
    • Take up a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course
    • Become proficient in technical skills like SQL, front end development, etc.
    • Get acquainted with marketing automation like Marketo, Mailchimp, Coverkit, etc.
    • Have a basic understanding of Statistics and Modeling
    • Acquire video production skills


Soft skills are primarily skills related to personal attributes of a person. They tell us how an individual relate to others.

They are often considered more important than hard skills, and therefore need continuous practice to master them.

These skills are those that every company looks for in any and every candidate. They need employees who are presentable with global skills to be reckoned in the market well.

Don’t miss out on these important skills to pave way to achieve greatness in your career.


Always think out of the box because it’s, these things that actually take people’s notice. Why would a company hire someone who thinks just like every second person?


Become a social person and take shots at discovering what people think. Yes, read their minds!

Become the man of the consumers. Strenghthen bonds with them to get them to strengthen bonds with your brand.


Master the communication skills of both speaking and listening. There’s no stop to acing them. So keep practicing every day. Because, well, practice makes a man perfect!

Communicating right is a prerequisite to sharing your ideas and putting in place your innovation and creativity well across for own as well as company’s benefit.


Keep adapting yourself with the changes that take place within the organization as well as the global marketplace.

Catch up on latest trends and adapt according to the needs of the customers.


There are a lot of things going around at the same time while preparing a marketing strategy. You have to be a multitasker to avoid things falling apart.

With these skills in hand, think of the company’s best interests and do what you think is the best. Don’t go with the majority. Because the more unique you are, better the chances of you getting seen.

A successful marketer of today’s time is well verse in the latest trends deploying the appropriate tools, techniques and mechanisms. Video Markets are taking up the most of online ecosystem so clutch it before anyone else does.

Well, now you know what it takes to grow into a successful marketer. The multitasking expert who works for own as well company’s progress!!

For some people, growing isn’t enough. They need incentives like a good pay scale.

Guess what? Marketing pays you well!

The amazing pay scale, Rs 306k – Rs 2m is incentivizing just as much as the long term opportunities marketing has to offer. Once you get hold of these marketing skills, even the HR manager won’t be able to think of a reason to not increase your salary.

All in all, become a maestro of your work and never stop learning because marketing never stops, and so you can’t stop anytime.

You will be on the road to become a superstar of marketing when you become capable enough to market your own self.

Think you can do it? Become the smartest marketer? Apply on Jobket.

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