Omprakash thought Jobket’s Referral Program was a “CLICKBAIT”… Find out if it’s True?

September 23, 2019 1 Comment Featured

In today’s job market, finding the right professional for a job role is next to impossible. Companies spend a lot of money in the hiring process and still face difficulty in acquiring a quality candidate. However, statistics show that referrals are the best source of hire. Three out of seven times, employees hired through referrals have proven to be loyal and resourceful.

Enter, Jobket, a job portal with a promise to deliver the right job to the right candidate. Jobket uses this proven method for finding a promising candidate. Jobket offers cash rewards to both the referrer and the referee. This process is beneficial to all the three parties involved. Hence has been catching a lot of attention from all in the job market.

One of our recent users, Omprakash Prajapati, a referrer earned a cash reward of Rs.7000 for referring a quality profile that got hired. In a recent interview he shared his experience with Jobket’s referral program.

find right job for right candidate

How/Where did you find out about Jobket?

I found out about Jobket through social media. I was surfing the web as usual when I saw a job opening that I thought would be right for my friend. I went to Jobket’s platform and was surprised to see such a huge reward price for simply referring my friend for the role. At first, I thought it was just a clickbait but I referred my friend anyway because I knew he would be perfect for the position.

Did you write a recommendation when contacted by Jobket’s representative via e-mail? What did you write?

Yes, I wrote the recommendation myself. I simply wrote down the responsibilities that I know he handles at work. I also added his strengths worthy of mentioning as an employee as well as a co-worker.

Have you received your bonus? Can you share the amount that you have received? Is it satisfactory?

Yes, I have received a bonus of Rs.7000. I am very excited to have earned such a huge amount for helping a friend.

Have you shared your experience with your friends? What did you tell them about Jobket?

Definitely, I have already recommended Jobket to a lot of my friends. I actually didn’t have to make any efforts, the moment I told them the complete story, they were quite ecstatic to grab this opportunity.

Do you know someone in your circle who uses a similar platform?

No, this is a very unique concept and this is the only platform to offer any rewards for worth referrals.

Will you be recommending more people in the future?

Yes, I will recommend my friends and family to become both referrers . I actually am looking for a job on the portal myself. My friend got a position that he liked at HCL with an attractive package. I can’t wait to find a great job just like he did.


Many of the initial users of the platform have similar reviews. The referee in Omprakash’s case received a Joining Bonus as well and was very excited to join HCL.

Jobket is bridging the gap between companies and promising clients with their extraordinary service. The platform hopes to redeem companies from hours of labor and huge costs that are invested in the hiring process. Also, it aims to simplify the referring process for the brightest candidates by making the tedious job search process rewarding.

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