Perks of Job-Referral with Jobket

June 4, 2019 2 Comments Featured

This is the era of private jobs! Nearly every person taking any professional course is waiting to get hired for the 9:00 to 6:00 cubicle in a corporate arena. In light of this cut-throat competition, you would want your friends also to be placed at the right positions in the right organizations as much as you want your own perfect job match. So, in a way, only the right professionals can refer their right peers for the right opportunities. So, do the good now and earn a goodie too!

The Key Takeaways from Jobket – Expert HR @Your Service

  • Refer to Jobket – Pocket Your Dream Job: If you are looking for a dream job, then your long-awaited search ends with Jobket’, the AI enabled portal not only for the most potential job seekers but also is a hot destination for the most passionate recruiters.
  • Jobket – A Portal Capable of Doing AI Enabled Screening without Bias: Jobket is an AI-enabled portal focusing largely on bringing quality candidates to our platform through AI enabled screenings and interviews.
  • Refer a Friend, Get in to Earn Some Reward:Being a jobseeker yourself, on this portal, if you come across a job that is more relevant to your friend and not you, you can still earn a referral bonus or expect some monetary reward if the person or the friend you have referred gets recruited through our portal.
  • Search Thousands of Job Profiles Posted by the Smartest of Recruiters: Our AI-enabled portal verifies every single individual as well as the company posting their jobs by checking the authenticity of information provided by them, thus limiting the wastage of resources in completing the entire HR exercise.  So, being a candidate, you are sure of applying the most relevant and productive jobs to shape enhance your career further in the right direction.

What’s in it for the Employers?

By skimming through thousands of verified and authenticated resumes with all of them marked with specific specialty interests, employers can be assured of quality of hires through Jobket, since the main focus of Jobket portal is to bring quality profiles only to its database. High-quality profiles from the list of hyper-screened and hyper-interviewed candidates that have undergone meticulous screening through AI reap the benefits in terms of bringing on-board only the top quality resources.

With Jobket, you are very close to your dream hire; just register and upload your resume to get what you most deserve – an opportunity to work with the professionals to add stars to your career!

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