7 Mistakes which are responsible for your unsuccessful Programming Career

7 Mistakes which are responsible for your unsuccessful Programming Career

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Making mistakes is in human nature. Especially when we are at that stage of life where there is so much to do, we don’t realize where we go wrong.

With more than 690 monumental programming languages, mistakes tend to happen in a programming career.

It is estimated that by 2020, a colossal amount of programming jobs will be created such that the demand will become greater than the available talent in programming career.

So, don’t you think it is critical that we understand the mistakes that may hinder our growth and put an end to our programming jobs?

Once we understand these mistakes, we would know how to become successful programmers by rectifying or avoiding such mistakes.

Let’s see the top 7 mistakes that programmers quintessentially make:


In order to have a successful career in programming, having clarity about the end destination is of paramount importance. Therefore, break your goals with an appropriate timeline.

Most programmers, these days, do not know the job position they are aiming for.

If you are unclear and skeptical about it, you will end up in a company that doesn’t suit you well.


Innumerable mistakes can be made by programmers during the course of their work journey.

Technical mistakes involve those which occur across the hard core knowledge of programming you possess and its practical implementation.

Let’s check out some of the perils, programmers should stay away from.


Also known as One-Click Attack, CSRF is an attack that forces and tricks the end user to activate an unwanted request, giving access to the attacker.

CSFR can coerce the users to execute unwanted actions like changing their email ID, transfer bank funds, etc.


Input entered may sometimes be void and inoperative. Improper input validation may give access to attackers to change and alter the input given.


If attackers gain access to input of numeric calculation, any miscalculation may have a drastic impact.

These unintended results will lead to disruptions in resource management and security concerns.


There are situations when a program exceeds the buffer allocated to it while writing data i.e. buffer overflow. This can open up avenues for attackers to exploit that data and can even lead to system crash.

Integer overflow (or wraparound) occurs when any particular operation tries to store a numeric value that overruns the defined limit of given numbers. This can result in an unpredictable result to be generated.

This is considered to be one of the most common mistakes that can be made in programming jobs.


Race condition is a semantic problem which arises when writing multi-threaded applications, inviting the attacker to gain access over entire process.


SQL Injection is a type of injection attack in which malicious SQL commands are entered into user input and database server is managed behind an application.

Attackers by using their influence can commit data theft that you send to your database, therefore, it is highly advisable to make use of SQL series only in security controls.

This gives an open invitation to the attackers to steal/modify/delete data.

These are some of the main technical mistakes that programmers should avoid in order to become successful programmers. These problems may cause a notable whack on the application/web page. Malice can attack but on top of all, being ignorant to these problems will create a disastrous impact on the business.                  


Wondering if technical skills and clarity is all you need?

No, there are more things that you need to look up to in order to comprehend how to become successful programmers.

Technical skills will only give you a breakthrough or take you to a certain level. To rise and grow from there, you have to have people skills as well.

You may write codes really well, run algorithms at a great pace but lack of interpersonal attributes will not allow you to rise.

Skills like communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, team work, conflict resolution, negotiation, etc. are equally important as are analytical skills in anyone’s programming career.


Learning all programming tools is what programmers have a passion for, not realizing that learning everything is close to impossible and learning a small fraction of everything won’t take you anywhere.

Just because there are innumerable cuisines in the world doesn’t mean a food critique has to have a criticism on all of them. Similarly, just because there are 690 languages doesn’t mean a programmer has to learn all of them.

It is essential to practice continuously and master a few programming tools.

With the desire to learn so many programs, they end up knowing little of many languages and not becoming an expert in one or two tools, which serves no purpose to any company.

You can’t learn everything but this shouldn’t stop you from not giving a shot and trying.


Writing codes, writing codes and writing codes.

Doing the same thing all the time everyday will make you believe that your field is stable and uniform and you are not required to change with the dynamic environment.

Once programmers take a step in the programming world, they become ignorant of their environment and lose the habit of updating their skills as per new requirements and demands.

With this, they are only jeopardizing their job position.

Wondering why?

Well, this is because our population is burgeoning everyday and to stay strong in this competitive world, you have to modify yourselves with the ever-changing world.

Read, read and read. Never stop.


Some programmers, instead of offering multiple solutions to the users end up extending only one feature.

On the contrary, some open up a lot of features to the user ultimately hampering their own security controls.

So, it is important to strike the right balance, taking user experience into consideration too.


Joining a programming community is the highlight of a successful programming career.

If you ask any great programmer about how to become successful programmers, they will always recommend you to participate in a community.

Join meetups, coding camps, online groups and blog communities. They will help you hone your skills and learn from each others’ experiences.

Now, when you know about the mistakes that can turn up against you in your programming career, try to avoid them as much as you can to secure your expected place in the programming jobs. This to a lot of extent answers the common question of how to become successful programmers.

Having a belief that there is always scope to learn, grow and develop can take you places in following your programming passion in the long run.

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