Rakuten Jobs at Jobket

Rakuten Jobs at Jobket

October 15, 2019 Leave a comment Featured

Keeping up with the fast pace of today’s world is a challenge in itself. Other than that, keeping up with the competition is nothing but an added burden. With major global companies jumping into the hiring process to gather the best of the lot, Jobket makes sure that any such opportunities are readily available to you at your doorstep.

One such company affiliated with us is Rakuten. Being a global organization that works towards breaking any borders that transcend ethnic, geographical and gender-related barriers, Rakuten’s major flagship base is out of Tokyo.

They have a diverse range of working staff who contribute to various projects according to their special abilities which helps the company to be the best at what it does. With its reach spread over 70+ countries, the company can gain a diverse viewpoint on discussions and encourages fresh perspectives for new business opportunities making it highly inclusive. They provide a wide range of services for their community including daycare and learning new languages.

Their goal is to make your life easier by helping you better fit into new and unknown surroundings. They are like a tightly-knit family which drives on the determination to be the path makers of tomorrow by making the most of every day.

The company started back in 1997 when the entire online market was not such an active place for consumers and producers to buy and sell their goods and services. Started by Hiroshi Mickey Mikitani, the concept behind creating Rakuten was not just to create an online market place for buyers but also to support sellers and assure them profits by making a huge pool of consumers available from around the world at their doorstep.

Since then, the company has grown its services and is now officially one of the world’s leading internet service company with a major role in E-commerce, Fintech and digital content.

We, at Jobket, focus on getting you every possible job opportunity which suits best to your skillset to help gain maximum job satisfaction with even better work efficiency. Some of the Rakuten careers which are available on Jobket include jobs in countries like Japan. From program manager and front end engineer to head of content marketing and communications and knowledge management officer, our website provides you with diverse job opportunities to match your dream job.

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